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Practice C#.NET and SQL SERVER with Accounting System Project: FULL Source Code C# and Database - Advanced Level

Practice C#.NET and SQL SERVER with Accounting System Project: FULL Source Code C# and Database - Advanced Level

English | 2020 | ASIN: B08FGHK72F | 586 Pages | PDF, EPUB, AZW3 | 26.23 MB

Practice to Working..

Have you always wanted to develop an application by yourself. The video and long book is boring. You just only learning programming to working same as in the enterprises, this book is for you.

(Let's download project source code and database at the link in this book)

How is this book different...

+ This project and database is design and coding by expert programmer who more than 10 years experience teaching and working with fact project for enterprises.

+ The author has also published more than 20,000 paper books and is used as a curriculum for IT students at many prestigious universities.

+ Bonus download powerful source code project Read real serial number of HDD, SSD without WMI that you won't find anywhere.

What you'll learn:

Section 1: Knowledge about C#, ADO.NET

- C# Language:

+ Data types, Loop statements

+Data convertion

+Static keyword

+Special statement: #If #Else

+Iteration statements: for

+Iteration statements: foreach

+Array, String, ArrayList, Hash table

+Array Class

+Random number

+String Type

+StringBuilder Type

+File Class

+Directory Class

+DirectoryInfo Class

+DialogBox & ToolTip

+ErrorProvider and try..Catch block

+Exception in C#

...and so much more....


+NET Data Providers, Connection Object

+Common Object:





+Update DataSource

+Microsoft Report

Section 2: Knowledge about SQL Server

Basic T-SQL, View, Function, Stored Procedure, Common Table Express (CTE), Cursor

- DML ( Data Manipulate Language): Select, Insert, Update, Delete

- DDL (Data Definition Language)

+ Create: Create database or its Object

+ Alter: Modify structure of database

+ Drop: Remove/Delete Table, View, Function, Procedure

- DCL (Data Control Language)

+ Permission for definition database objects

+ Permission for manipulating data

- Key word in SQL Server

+ Create View

+ Common Table Expression (CTE)


+ Parameters

Section 3: Knowledge about Accounting

...and so much more....

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