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WinZip Courier 10.0

WinZip Courier 10.0

File size: 68 MB

Email attachments are usually rather small, since they mostly contain images, documents or presentations that do not require too much disk space. However, some email clients and services might pose some size limits, which can cause you trouble if you intend on sending larger documents using the attachment function.
The leading email solution for sending large files with simple zipping and unzipping technology.
Break through email size limits
Easily zip and encrypt attachments for safe delivery
Share seamlessly from your email using leading cloud services
Convert to PDF, add watermarks and resize images

NEW! Encrypt email messages
Secure entire Outlook email messages, in addition to attachments, with WinZip Courier. Pick and choose who can see your message and attachments for ultimate security.
NEW! Merge multiple PDF files into one
Combine multiple PDF files into a single PDF for easy sharing. Zip your new PDF with WinZip Courier to save space and transfer time.
NEW! Office 2019 support
Courier plugins now support Office 2019. Zip and save documents from Microsoft Office 2019 to the cloud. Encrypt for added security and share with confidence.
NEW! Improved Zipx compression
Experience faster file compression and decompression with ZSTD. Simply put, you get smaller and faster Zipx compression for many file types.
Includes Most Recently Used List
Most Recently Used List places your zips a click away, making it a breeze to add attachments or links to emails.
Schedule for Deletion
Scheduled Deletion allows you to keep control of your Zip files with the option to automatically delete your zip after a specified amount of time. Set it and forget it – WinZip takes care of the rest.
Use Email subject as Zip file name
Keep your email workflows efficient by automatically naming your Zip file attachments the same subject of your email. Automatically import the subject of your email and keep moving.
Cloud service specification
Quickly identify which cloud service was used in a Zip by automatically populating the service details into the Courier inserted link information.
Change nickname for a cloud service
Do you work with multiple accounts from a single cloud service? You can now apply nicknames to each to keep them straight.
Zip, don’t zip or Encrypt Option
Deciding how you want to create files is easier than ever. Just use the prompted zipping dialog to select whether to zip, don’t zip, or Encrypt.
Email large MP3 files quickly and easily
With 15-20% greater MP3 file compression, you can send MP3 attachments in a smaller format and in less time – and all through the email platform of your choice.
Decide when to zip and when to skip!
Now you can specify conditions when attachments should zip automatically or choose real-time zip prompts.
Reduce the possibility of overwriting files
Append the send date to the default zip file name in a flash. Quickly and easily identify newer attachments and eliminate human error from the equation!
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