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    ZookaWare Pro

    Languages: English | File Size: 11.62 MB

    Love Your PC Again. Removes spyware, unwanted programs, junk files, unwanted registry keys, tracking cookies and more to make your computer and browsers faster, safer and error free!
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    Tableau Desktop Professional Edition 2020.1.0

    Windows x64 | Languages: Multilingual | File Size: 447.47 MB

    Answer questions at the speed of thought with Tableau Desktop. Tableau Desktop Pro is a business intelligence tool that allows you to easily visualise, analyse and share large amounts of data. Visual analysis in a click - Powerful analytical tools—at your fingertips.
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    iDevice Manager Pro Edition Multilingual

    Languages: Multilingual | File Size: 46.33 MB

    The iDevice Manager Pro Edition is an extension of the free iDevice Manager 10.0 to backup of iPhone and iPad files on your Windows computer and to create new unlimited ringtones from MP3 files. Together with the free iManager App is it possible to upload address book contacts, photos and videos to the iPad and iPhone.
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    Secure-PDF Professional Edition 2.000

    Languages: English, Deutsch | File Size: 14.35 MB

    Security toolbox including encryption and signing of PDF documents. Secure-PDF puts an end to this: Encrypt your own or other people's PDF documents with up to 256 bit key strength (AES). Add a password to open it so that users can only view the encrypted document by entering the correct password.
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    Draftable Desktop 2.2.200

    Languages: English | File Size: 190.3 MB

    Go home early. The fastest document comparison tool. Compare 300+ pages in seconds. Draftable Desktop 2.0 is now available - faster and more powerful than ever! See all the changes in your documents, locally and offline. Take your work to the next level.
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    MSTech Check Writer Pro

    Languages: English | File Size: 104.69 MB

    MSTech Check Writer Pro is not only a cheque printing software, it's a comprehensive software which makes you able to manage your bank accounts, payments and transactions in the easiest way. It's multi currency, that means it can be used in any country for any bank. Useful features and quick business reports, such as bank reconciliation, quick detailed voucher printing and archiving, amazing dashboard with quick views and access to the important data such as issued cheques and status list, needed budget for each account including today, tomorrow and next 7 days, cheques waiting for approval, upcoming cheques, interactive calendar, currency converter and advanced search makes you confident enough to manage your bank accounts and cheque books professionally.
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    Qiplex Disk Space Saver 2.1.3

    Languages: English | File Size: 69.22 MB

    Disk Space Saver - Free up disk space in a click! Save hundreds of gigabytes in seconds! Disk Space Saver is one such utility, a relatively simple application that can help you find particularly large files and delete them in a few easy steps.
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    BackupAssist Desktop 10.5.2

    Languages: English | File Size: 105.03 MB

    BackupAssist is built for your growing small to medium business.Choose the Windows backup software that keeps your data safe. Backup Software That Saves Your Servers From Ruin. Never suffer from data loss ever again. Use BackupAssist to perform onsite and offsite backups to safeguard your servers.
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    Backuptrans Android iPhone WhatsApp Transfer Plus 3.2.117

    Windows x64 | Languages: English | File Size: 20.13 MB

    If you have two Android/iPhone devices or one Android and one iPhone, it's always wise to find a tool to help you manage WhatsApp Chat History for your Android/iPhone devices or to transfer WhatsApp Messages between Android and iPhone. Backuptrans Android iPhone WhatsApp Transfer + is the best all-in-one WhatsApp Messages manager package which lets you copy & share WhatsApp Chat Mesages for Android/iPhone on computer directly. No Root/Jailbreak required.
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    WinZip Malware Protector 2.1.1000.26515 Multilingual

    Languages: Multilingual | File Size: 11.18 MB

    Malware Protector will thoroughly scan and accurately identify even the smallest of vulnerabilities. Then it swiftly moves into action and removes these threats and prevents recurring attacks.
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    Corel VideoStudio Ultimate 2020 v23.0.1.391 Multilingual

    Windows x64 | Languages: Multilingual | File Size: 5.07 GB (In Total)

    VideoStudio takes ease of use and creativity one step further, with the addition of new smart movie tools, enhanced masking and color grading, and workflow improvements. Dive into new premium effects and edit 4K, HD, 360 video editing, with full the full suite of creative editing tools. Turn memories into movies with VideoStudio.
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    WordWeb Pro Ultimate Reference Bundle 9.0

    Languages: English | File Size: 154.72 MB | 719.59 MB

    WordWeb Pro can look up words in virtually any program with just one click: just hold down the Ctrl key and right-click on the word. If you are online, with one extra click you can also search web references, for example Wikipedia. The hotkey can be customized, or you can use a keyboard shortcut if you prefer. If you are editing a document you can select a synonym and replace the look-up word. WordWeb has the option to highlight widely used synonyms, great for helping you write clear easy-to-understand English. Look up using Ctrl+Right click on a word in almost any program.
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    InPixio Photo Editor 9.2.7093.21330 Multilingual

    Languages: Multilingual | File Size: 302.29 MB

    inPixio Photo Editor is a photo software program that is loaded with features and easy to use. It offers you a whole host of editing options such as photo retouching, cropping, adding filters or frames. We have added several photo retouching modules to this new version, such as self-correction in 1 click or the possibility of adding color effects (LUT) will enhance your photos and give them an original and creative look worthy of a professional. After just a few minutes using inPixio Photo Editor, you will be turning out photographs worthy of a pro!
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    InPixio Photo Cutter 9.2.7093.21216 Multilingual

    Languages: Multilingual | File Size: 280.72 MB

    inPixio Photo Cutter lets you produce creative and realistic photomontages in just a few clicks. Thanks to these powerful digital scissors, no more time is wasted cutting out your images down to the nearest pixel since Photo Cutter does it all for you. The time saved can be devoted to coming up with original photomontages that are bound to impress your friends and family.
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    InPixio Photo Eraser 9.0.7004.20945 Multilingual

    Languages: Multilingual | File Size: 145.61 MB

    Tired of taking pictures with all those unwanted background images? Have you ever wanted to just get rid of that sign behind your or those people walking by? Well now you can erase anything in your picture that you don’t want there with Photo Eraser for PC. All you need to do is decide which image you want to erase, select it, and click! If there are any slight marks left behind, use the clone tool to blend the colours back in for smooth, seamless appearance. No one will ever know you erased anything and you will have that perfect picture you were trying to capture in the first place.
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