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    Carbon Copy Cloner Multilingual macOS

    File size: 16 MB

    Introducing Carbon Copy Cloner 5: The smarter, easier CCC. The first bootable backup solution for the Mac is better than ever. When disaster strikes your hard disk, you can boot from your backup and keep working. Troubleshoot the problem disk when you have time to spare.
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     4K Video Downloader 4.12.0 Multilingual macOS

    File size: 90 MB

    4K Video Downloader allows to download video, audio and subtitles from YouTube in high-quality and as fast as your computer and connection will allow. If you want that video on your iPad, iPhone or other device we've got you covered. Downloading is simple and straightforward: just copy the video link from your browser and click 'Paste Url'. Done!
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    Movavi Slideshow Maker 6.4.0 Multilingual macOS

    File size: 87 MB

    If you need easy-to-use slideshow software for Mac, choose Movavi Slideshow Maker! Creating cool-looking movies from photos is a breeze with this app. All you need to do is upload your images, choose a couple of settings, and the software will do the rest for you – automatically!
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    Movavi Photo Editor 6.3.0 Multilingual macOS

    File size: 78 MB

    If you’re wondering how to edit photos on your Mac without the hassle of other programs, give this neat little app a try. The clear and simple interface, automatic quality improvements, and smart selection options make photo processing fun!
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    EazyDraw 9.7.0 Multilingual macOS

    File size: 79 MB

    EazyDraw is a vector drawing application. For the full journey from Jaguar to Mojave (macOS 10.14), EazyDraw has been the trail-blazing app for the new vector-drawing paradigm on the Mac. EazyDraw Version 9: all new look with Mojave (macOS 10.14) light and dark mode support. Fully color managed supporting wide gamut Display P3 colors.
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    Movavi PDF Editor 3.1.0 Multilingual macOS

    File size: 32 MB

    Looking for a PDF reader for Mac with good editing tools? Most of the software for Mac that you can find online for download is not that great. Free desktop apps usually lack advanced options and have inadequate formatting tools, and higher-quality paid programs can be out of the question because of their high price.
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    Antivirus BitMedic Pro 3.1.1 MAS

    File size: 192 MB

    MacOS is considered one of the most secure operating systems available. But as popularity increases, they get targeted more by hackers and malware. Protect your Mac and protect your sensitive information. New threats target not only your Mac security, but your personal information and identity.
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    Midnight Sketch - Dark Theme Sketch Plugin 2.3

    File size: 2.4 MB

    Midnight adds a dark theme to Sketch. Bonus features include layer tags, indent guides, custom selection color, custom canvas darkness, and more.
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    Little Snitch 4.4.3 Multilingual macOS

    File size: 40.2 MB

    A powerful and versatile application that enables you to monitor the network traffic and intercept unwanted connection attempts.
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    Xara Photo & Graphic Designer (x64) Portable

    File size: 168 MB

    Xara Photo & Graphic Designer - Simply better images! Detailed photo editing, creative drawing and professional design: Realize all your ideas with Xara Photo & Graphic Designer! From photo collages to print documents and digital art works: Get impressive results fast!
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    iCollections 6.1.61024 macOS

    File size: 16 MB

    Many people prefer to keep their Mac’s desktop clean, getting rid of any items that are not absolutely necessary. However, if you want to have various applications, documents or folders within reach, but keep them organized at the same time, you could try iCollections.
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    Downie 4.0.4054 Multilingual macOS

    File size: 39 MB

    Ever wished you could save a video from the Internet? Search no more, Downie is what you're looking for. Easily download videos from thousands of different sites.
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    GrandTotal 6.1.1 macOS

    File size: 26 MB

    GrandTotal is an application to create invoices and estimates based on your own templates. The built-in template editor allows you to adjust your layout to fit your company's corporate design. GrandTotal works great in conjunction with TimeLog.
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    Easy New File 4.8 MAS

    File size: 11 MB

    Easy New File is a finder extension which adds some functions in right click menu in the Finder
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    Notebooks 2.1.1 macOS

    File size: 11.8 MB

    Notebooks is the only notebook you ever need. It allows you to create as many books as you need to write, store and structure your details of life, and it will quickly become the one and only repository for all journals, ideas, notes, drafts and diaries but also for your projects, task lists, documents, files and everything else you want to keep close at hand.
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